Neil Labute. Dir: Carlos Álvarez-Ossorio. La Yogurtera producciones



William Shakespeare. Open door. Dir: Declan Donnellan. Biennale di Venezia



Eduardo Alonso. Dir: Eduardo Alonso. Teatro de Noroeste



Antonio Rojano. Dir: Rubén Cano. Teatro Español para Fringe Madrid



Kreessmann Taylor. Dir: Laila Ripoll. Andrea D´Odorico Producciones



Gaspar y Rimbaud. Dir: Eduardo Alonso. Teatro do Noroeste & Teatro Clásico Nacional



Benito Pérez Galdós. Dir: Ferrán Madico. Teatro Español & DD Company Producciones



"Precision game with brilliant individualities, among which Sara Casasnovas stands out in the title role, excellent in attitude, voice and gesture,

moving in her catharsis. First-rate production for a masterful text."
       La Provincia, diario de Las Palmas
"Outstanding performance by Sara Casasnovas. Eloquent show about

the freedom in front of the deep moral convictions that keeps minute by minute

the interest of a well plotted intrigue between the anticlerical

and the secular Spain, long confronted."
       El País
"The play stands out, mainly, because of the performance of Sara Casasnovas, who plays an Electra with credibility both in the most comical and in the most intensely dramatic moments."
       Culturas, La Provincia
"The actress has convinced. This role has consecrated Sara Casasnovas

as an actress of character despite her youth and the critics have given up on her for her work in Electra, where she has demonstrated her quality on the stage."
     Voz Emérita, diario de Mérida
"The Roman Theatre of Merida welcomes in its premiere in front of

about 2000 spectators a show that is suggestive in its form, forceful in its content and remarkable in its acting. A major work that maintains the vitality and interest to tell

the eternal duel between reason and fanaticism, between science and religion, between male chauvinism and female freedom. The Galician actress got a

high mark in her exam in Mérida, where, with more filming,

she has all the necessary characteristics to adjust to this stage perfectly.

Her theatrical debut in the Extremadura festival has shown that,

above a television face, there is an actress. In this adaptation by Francisco Nieva, Electra retains the authentic drama of a woman intact."
      Diario Hoy
"Sara Casasnovas' Electra shines at the Teatro de Mérida with this new version adapted by Francisco Nieva and gets a final applause like the first one more than a hundred years ago."

El periódico de Extremadura
"The text that provoked a revolution: Sagasta's ministry had to be completely

reformed and became popularly known as the "Electra Ministry". More than 100 years later, the play was rebroadcast in the same Spanish Theatre under the direction

of Ferrán Madico and with the Galician actress Sara Casasnovas as the main character. On stage, the actress not only acts, but also sings, dances and skates. Specialized critics have praised her performance in an intense and nuanced role."
       La voz de Galicia
Tennessee Williams. Dir: Maria Ruiz. Tomás Gayo Productions
"A work of such magnitude, more than a challenge, is an affirmation of the one who exercises his right to be an actor and to define himself as a connoisseur of the most intimate aspects of the theatre, and as such, is obliged to give a brilliant performance. Sara Casasnovas gives the colourful note, leaving the innocent Alicia of

Amar en tiempos revueltos to become the sickly teenager who will try to seduce the irreconcilable ex-pastor. Perfect choice."

       Levante, The Valencian Merchant

William Shakespeare. Dir: Eduardo Alonso. Teatro do Noroeste


FETEGA Award (Galician Theatre Festival)


"Like misfortune, the audience fell in love with the lovers. Sara Casasnovas in the role of Juliet and Cristian Escuredo in that of Romeo seduce everything they see with the electricity of their youth. Their idyll with the characters they play is undoubtedly love at first sight, and the chemistry they radiate at times, well symbolized in that "kiss me again" of the leading actress, who floods the stalls with a jet of sensuality and sex, almost intimidating."


Galicia Hoxe